Internal Installation Disconnector RVZ 10/400-U3 I, II, III

The disconnector of the internal installation with the grounding knife RVZ 10/400-U3 I, II, III is designed for repeated switching and switching without load of sections of three-phase current circuits with a voltage of 6 (10) kV, frequency of 50 Hz. RVZ 10/400-U3 is installed in complete transformer substations (CTS), one-way service chambers (OWSC), and complete distribution devices (CDD).


High-voltage AC disconnectors of RVZ 10/400-U3 are designed to:

  • to disconnect and energize high voltage electrical circuits in the absence of load current or to change the connection pattern;
  • to ensure the safe operation of the disconnected area;
  • to enable and deactivate charging currents of air and cable lines, idling currents of transformers and currents of small loads.

The disconnectors are installed in AC networks at frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz at a voltage of 6(10) kV.

The disconnector of the series RVZ 10/400-U3 I, II, III execution is a three-pole switching apparatus of vertical-rubbing type and consists of:

  • insulated frame
  • current conducting system contacts
  • manual drive

Fixed contacts (a detachable connection and an indivisible hinged connection) made from a copper tyre are mounted on insulators mounted on a disconnection frame. A drive shaft, a grounding knife and other disconnecting elements are also mounted on the frame.

The movable contact knives are connected to fixed contacts via a hinged joint.

The necessary contact force in the hinged and detachable contact connection is achieved by means of the springs installed.

The movable contact knives are actuated by a drive shaft mounted on the disconnect frame via levers and traction insulators.

The external cables are fastened by means of bolt connections to fixed contacts.

The grounding knife is fastened to the disconnect frame by a bolted connection. The disconnector structure allows the customer to remove or add grounding knives on his own. Also the Customer can separately complete the divider RVZ 10/400-Y3 I, II, III execution one or two grounding knives.

The disconnection and disconnection of the disconnector and the ground knives shall be effected by a manual drive of type MD-10.

In the manual lever drive MD-10, it is possible to fix it in the set-up and disconnected position.

A 31M or 32M mechanical lock or 3B-1 electromagnetic lock are used to lock the drive.

RVZ 10/400-U3 symbols:
  • R – disconnector
  • V – internal installation
  • Z – grounding knives
  • 10 – rated voltage, kW
  • 400 is the nominal current, A
  • U3 – climate performance according to GOST 15150-69
  • Altitude: not more than 1,000 m.
  • Ambient temperature: from -60°C to +40°C.
  • Relative humidity: not more than 90% at 20°C.
  • Life of switch until first major maintenance: 6000 cycles of BO.
  • Duration of service: not less than 25 years.
  • Disconnect: vertical or horizontal, it is also permissible to have a disconnect in the inclined plane up to 45°.
  • Climatic conditions: U3 by GOST 15150-69.
  • The switch and drive do not require the replacement of the parts for the whole life of the service life, subject to transportation, storage, installation and operation rules.
  1. Disconnector RVZ 10/400-U3 I, II, III execution – 1 pc.
  2. Manual drive MD-10 – 1 pc.
  3. Passport – 1 pc.
  4. Operating instructions – 1 pc.
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