Internal Installation Disconnector RVR 10/6000-U3

Internal Installation Disconnectors RVR 10/6000-U3 are designed to activate and deactivate the disconnected sections of the high voltage circuit, as well as to earthquake the disconnected areas by means of fixed earthholes


According to the structure, the dividers are of a vertical-rubbing type and have a three-pole design on a common frame.

They consist of a cap (frame), support insulators, a contact system, a traction insulator and earthworms. A drive shaft with levers is arranged on the disconnect frame and is intended for operation by means of contact knives.

If there are earthworms in the base, one or two shafts are additionally installed to control them, as well as a mechanical lock preventing the use of earthworms when the main knives are switched on and vice versa.

The insulation of the disconnector consists of six support and three traction porcelain insulators.

The disconnector contact system consists of fixed contacts and movable contact knives.

The ground-layers consist of a copper tyre attached to steel posts welded to the ground shaft.

When the ground setter is activated, the tyre enters the lampreys mounted on the lower shelves of fixed contacts.

The contact pressure in the axial and detachable contacts of the main knives and laminated contacts of the seizers is carried out by springs.

RVR 10/6000-U3 symbols:
  • R – disconnector
  • V – internal installation
  • R – chopping type
  • 10 – rated voltage, kV
  • 6000 – nominal current, A
  • U3 – climate design and category of accommodation according to GOST 15150-69 and GOST 15543.1-89

The disconnectors shall be operated in the conditions rationed GOST 15150-69 and GOST 15543.1-89 for category 3, for climatic execution U, wherein:

  • Height above sea level: not more than 1,000 m;
  • Upper operational ambient temperature value plus 40°C;
  • The lower operating temperature of the ambient air is minus 45°C;
  • The relative humidity of the air shall not exceed 80 per cent at 20°C;
  • The environment is explosion-fire-safe, containing no current-producing dust, chemically active gases and vapours.
  1. Disconnector RVR 10/6000-U3 – 1 pc.
  2. Manual drive MD-10 – 1 pc.
  3. Passport – 1 pc.
  4. Operating instructions – 1 pc.
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