External Installation Disconnector RD 110/2000-UHL1

External Installation Disconnectors RD 110/2000-UHL1 are intended for the activation and deactivation of disconnected parts of the electrical circuit which are under the voltage of up to 110 kV, as well as for the earthing of disconnected areas by means of earthworks forming an integral whole with disconnectors


External Installation Disconnectors RD 110/2000-UHL1 have a single-pole, bipolar and three-pole design. The pole to which the drive is connected is the lead. The drives are designed to operate with disconnectors. The drive shafts of the main circuit and the ground collar are rotated manually, with the aid of the drives of the MD-2B or GDP-Y bipolar and three-pole disconnectors, the remaining poles are driven. The connection of the drive pole to the drive and the drive pole to the driven poles is carried out by the consumer when preparing the disconnector for use.

*MD – manual drive

RD 110/2000-UHL1 symbols:
  • R – disconnector
  • D – two column
  • 110 – rated voltage, kW
  • 2000 – nominal current, A
  • UHL – climate performance according to GOST 15150-69
  • 1 – accommodation category according to GOST 15543.1-89
  • Altitude not exceeding 1,000 m
  • Ambient temperature from -60°C to +40°C
  • Relative humidity not more than 100% at 25°C
  • Vertical or horizontal disconnect, it is also permissible to have a disconnect in the inclined plane up to 45°
  • Climatic conditions of MCC, category of accommodation 1 through GOST 15150-69
  • Ice crust thickness: up to 10 mm for 35 kB disconnectors
  • Wind speed without ice not more than 40 m/s;
  • Wind speed with not more than 15 m/s ice
  • Isolation category – “A” or “B”
  • Service for not less than 25 years
  1. Disconnectors RD 110/2000-UHL1 – 1 pc.
  2. Manual MD-14 drive – 1, 2 or 3 pc. (depending on the number of earthing knives)
  3. Passport – 1 pc.
  4. Operating instructions – 1 pc.
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